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Blood Chemistry Profile

Knowledge is Power!

Isn't it amazing how each body is created differently? Why would we nourish them all the same? The simple answer is we shouldn't! Every individual requires a proper nutritional blueprint for optimal health. With a functional blood chemistry profile you can discover exactly what your body needs to flourish! 

Understand your body... Spend your healthcare dollars wisely

Your Sparkling Life Blood Chemistry report works by analyzing results from your lab tests.  It identifies your biochemical patterns and makes specific nutritional and supplementation recommendations unique to you.  


  • Understand your nutritional deficiencies and which supplements could help you
  • Save time and money by purchasing only what your body needs

  • Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you are doing the absolute best you can for your body based on your individual nutritional needs

You Should Purchase a Blood Chemistry if....

  • You want to address an existing health condition
  • You want to optimize athletic performance
  • You want to reduce medications
  • You want to overcome an addiction
  • You want to increase vitality 
  • You simply want to feel better

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